Nestled along the picturesque banks of the Hudson River, Edgewater, New Jersey, is a charming town that seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban accessibility. Located just minutes from Manhattan, Edgewater offers a unique lifestyle characterized by stunning waterfront views, diverse cultural influences, and a thriving community. Here's a comprehensive overview of what makes Edgewater a remarkable place to call home.

Location and Accessibility: Edgewater's prime location is a major draw for both residents and visitors. Situated along the Hudson River, this small town enjoys a front-row seat to the iconic Manhattan skyline. Commuting to New York City is a breeze, with easy access to public transportation, including bus services and ferries, offering a short and scenic journey across the river. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking proximity to the city while enjoying the comforts of a suburban lifestyle.

Real Estate: Edgewater boasts a diverse range of housing options, from luxury condominiums with sweeping river and city views to single-family homes. Waterfront properties are a standout feature, and many residents enjoy living in upscale, high-rise buildings that offer all the amenities one could desire, including concierge services, gyms, and outdoor spaces. The real estate market is known for its competitive yet exciting opportunities, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Recreational Activities: Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will find plenty to enjoy in Edgewater. The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway provides a serene setting for jogging, biking, and leisurely strolls. The town also offers a variety of parks and green spaces, ensuring that residents have access to outdoor leisure activities. Additionally, nearby Palisades Interstate Park offers hiking, picnicking, and other recreational opportunities, further adding to the town's appeal.

Cultural and Culinary Scene: Edgewater's diverse population contributes to a rich cultural tapestry. You'll find a wide range of dining options representing cuisines from around the world, from upscale waterfront restaurants to charming cafes. The town's cultural events and festivals, like art exhibitions and live music performances, create a vibrant and engaging community for all ages to enjoy.

Education and Community: Edgewater takes pride in its educational institutions, providing residents with quality public and private schools. The town's community is tight-knit and welcoming, hosting various events throughout the year that foster neighborly bonds. Edgewater also supports local businesses, which enhances its sense of community and ensures that residents have access to a variety of goods and services.

Retail and Shopping: Edgewater is home to several shopping destinations, including the Promenade at City Place, which features a mix of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues. Residents can easily fulfill their shopping needs within the town or explore nearby retail hubs for a wider selection.

In Edgewater, New Jersey, the perfect blend of natural beauty, urban convenience, and a strong sense of community creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're drawn to its picturesque waterfront, the bustling dining scene, or the ease of commuting to New York City, Edgewater offers a lifestyle that appeals to a diverse range of residents. This charming town is more than just a place to live; it's a place to call home.

Overview for Edgewater, NJ

14,234 people live in Edgewater, where the median age is 36.5 and the average individual income is $78,664. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Total Population

36.5 years

Median Age


Population Density Population Density This is the number of people per square mile in a neighborhood.


Average individual Income



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